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Filled with a delicious surprise or solid pops with great flavor, these are just a few of our favorite things.

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Alice is a well-mannered, upper-class girl who tiptoes her way through the curious world of Wonderland. She remains sophisticated throughout, but her polished personality is no match for the creatures she encounters. She carries with her a fiery inquisitiveness to absorb all which surrounds her, and so too turns mad. Her personality is embodied within each bottle, as classic fruits meet their unexpected fate.

alice e-liquid range


mad hatter.

The Hatter is as mad as they come, spellbound in his continuous tea-time affairs thanks to the Queen of Hearts. Although petrified of her and all she seeks to control, he refuses to bow down and conform to her ill-orders. And as the perfect tea-party host, one can be sure to find both dessert and rebellion in each of his toasts; “down with the bloody Red Queen!”

mad hatter e-liquid range


queen of hearts.

The Queen of Hearts is ill-tempered and is always hasty to behead anyone around her who dares get in her way. She sings a different tune to the rest of the Wonderland characters at an attempt to control her surroundings. Through a symphony of chaos, instead, she is an explosive character which creates even more havoc. The Queen’s passionate rage can be tasted in each of our explosive, iced fruit fantasies!

queen of hearts e-liquid range


cheshire cat.

This trickster offers companionship to Alice, through wise words and mischievous mayhem. He is a wispy opportunist who loves to stand on his head, taking joy in twisting his words into peculiar poetry. Wherever this cool cat goes, mystery and magic are sure to follow! Both smoky and sweet, nothing is ever quite as it seems.

So have a taste through the looking-glass, to find his brews aren’t your typical tobacco!

cheshire cat e-liquid range

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further down the rabbit hole.

Wonderland is an entirely fresh range of juices in South Africa’s premium vape culture. Hop down the topsy-turvy rabbit hole, for our rebellious twist on Alice’s fruity adventure.

‘Curiouser and curiouser,’ we twist and tweak our vaping liquids to recreate these playful notes upon your tongue.

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