Chasing art in the sky: Cloud chasing

So, you’ve definitely looked up into the sky at least once in your life, and found a particular, peculiar one, which catches your eye, right?

Perhaps because it looks a lot more like a dolphin or a dinosaur, rather than a cloud. Well you aren’t the only one chasing clouds from the Caterpillars mouth.


Cloud Vaping


As an art form

In recent years, the world of vaping has transformed it’s meaning entirely. Instead of digging up that imagination you had once as a kid, for some, Cloud-chasing has become a serious daily art form.

In vape culture, it is used to preform tricks, to create mesmerising shapes, images like that of a jellyfish, and twisted, hypnotic patterns. It has even been used to promote anti-smoking campaigns, standing up against smoking cigarettes.

As a sport

There are both long-time vapers and newbies interested in cloud-chasing as an art. Although, even more recently, some people have made it a lot less about fun, and instead, a lot more about competition. Usually prizes are modest, and generally kept local. However, vaping as a sport is spreading like wildfire, and so are the prize tags. Unfortunately, because it has blown up so much, some traditional vapers have raised concerns and dislike.

However, for a lot of people this competition is celebrated. To some, it is even seen as a way to spread vape awareness. When it comes to competing for a prize, the more smoke the merry. Each professional cloud-chaser knows that to create great art, you need the correct liquids and mods to achieve full control of your flow. And because of this, creating the perfect flow has become as much of a sport as the actual cloud-chasing.

Not sure where to start?

One thing you can do to get you started on modding your own personalised vape, is to check out this blog about DTL and MTL. Ultimately, choosing between these can greatly make or break what you are planning on using it for.

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